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The Filter systems of all these ponds are made with our BioMesh(TM).
Enthusiast made consolidated three 10 tons pond next to the mud pond for yearly fry.
Put the self production yearly Koi into the view pond, it is one of the best fun for Koi lovers.
This guy puts yearly fry to this pond from mud pond.
This green house above the pond is 5.2Mx13M and it costs only 220,000JPY.
Enthusiasts' pond in Hong Kong.
This pond is 250t. Its quite big pond for amature.
Same garden as left picture.
This pond is 50tons.
This pond is 70tons.
It is big size in the category of
"Rock structure" garden pond.
Enthusiast make DIY pond.
Tiny 13tons pond with glass made green house.
It works very nice in Japanese winter.
This small pond has very nice "falls".
The filter system (below) is behind this falls.
Great working systematic pond.
70year old man made this pond by his own hands .
Filter system for the pond pictured above.
Pond has spread to under the corridor.
The corridor was made by high impact grass at part.
2.2tons thermal tank.
35tons pond.
You can see the transportation tank for conpetition in other side of pond.
Filter system is under that tank.
130tons "Rock structure" is quite big.
This thermal tank has two 3.5tons space.
It has made by used live-fish-transportation-vehicle.
This is mountain field pond for big Koi makes more big.
It also fun for the enthusiast.
This pond is 4tons.
Green tank is filter system.
It also made by used live-fish-transportation-vehicle.
This pond is also 4tons.
Green tank is filter system same as above.
This pond is 20tons.
Green house gives you to enjoy the Koi even in cold winter.
Luxury pond for yearly Kois only. Hong Kong. Japanese style pond in Hong Kong.
This pond has wood made green house. Old pond in farmer's garden.
Shanghai enthusiasts meeting. Beautiful Kois swiming in Shanghai.