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 What is the BIO.MESH ?
  • BIO.MESH is the ideal filter element for Koi pond.   
  • Its very compact size each one by one.                So, you can use it for any shape filter space.    
  • It has very large surface area.           So, huge number of microbes live in the filter space. You can keep good condition over 60kg Kois using only 40kg(520L) of BIO.MESH.                                           
  • It has enough inner space. So, the water flow is not biased. Water runs with good turbulence                                                               
  • It is very good at buckling strength. So, if you put this into deep space, it keeps almost same void ratio. (void ratio is over 95percent)                                          
  • Easy to wash. If you want to wash the filter space, just stirring it with stick, then drain the water and pour fresh water from top.                                                          
  • It is super light weight. So, you can handle it easily. (Only 3gram per one single tip. 20kg per 260L.)                                                    
  • It is made of rigid polyethylene.                          So, you can use it even 100years!                                                 
  • Its very cheep! Only 60,000JPY per 20kg(260L)
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